Thursday, November 29, 2007

Late November

My last post was over 2 months ago - I had been really making an effort to post at least once a month. Oops.

So, I was musing about the weather in my last post, and so I'll muse some more: The weather was yucky in September. It picked up a little, and was better, then it wasn't...November has been EXTREMELY dry. It's been cold (by Pac NW standards, that is) highs in the 40's. Brr!! Low's hovering near freezing. The weather people are predicting rain and snow for us by the weekend... ugh.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us. It was nice. I did my best to boost the economy on the Friday after Thanksgiving - I spent some bucks here and there!

Otherwise, that's about it for me. Figured I shouldn't let another month go by without posting :)

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BeadKnitter said...

I've been trying to join the Knitted Toys knit along but I get no response. Do you know who I would contact about joining? The knitoys at gmail dot com doesn't seem to be working.

Linda Jo