Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumnal Musings

Yes, I do know that I live in the Pac NW and we do get rain. Usually the rain doesn't start until at least October, and we are blessed with great weather, some waning sunshine and crunchy leaves under foot at least through the end of September.

This year, Mother Nature has different plans. Summer has become an abbreviated season, with the rain making its presence known, seemingly constantly. The summer was short, and not enjoyed as much as it should have been (my own fault) and now I am regretting those long afternoons spent inside.

The rain may let up again late in the week through next. I hope so. I would like a few crisp, cool(dry) fall days to enjoy before the real winter begins.

The winters get long, and I will be yearning for a trip to a sunny and warm place by February. Suggestions? I like to visit those places where my friends live - it is cheaper to stay with them :)

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