Monday, October 30, 2006

Felted Musings...

This is "Theresa Gaffey Designs #133"
Small Modular Felted Purse. Purchased through my LYS.

First off, the details:

4 colors, 3 yarns:

Black & Red = Paton's Classic Merino

Burgundy: Donegal Tweed

Pink: Cascade 220

Pre-felting dimensions: Top to bottom 12.5"

Side to side: 14" (or so) the strap is close to 48" long. Yay, I-cord! (or as the husband calls it - the knitted snake!)

I washed the crap out of this thing - the Donegal Tweed and Cascade 220 didn't felt all that well. The tweed must be too "tweedy" (if anyone has felted with this, let me know) and, much to my chagrin - and not having my "thinking" cap on when I started this - yah, pink yarn is a light color--and, as I pulled the dripping wet mass out of the washing machine for the FIFTH time...light colors may not felt all that well, and the effect, meh... OH, brother... duh...

So, to summarize this pattern: Actually, quite a fun knit. It goes pretty quick. I think I did this in two weeks (give or take a few days), and I was actually motivated to keep going, because it was so fast. It's a beginner pattern, that's for sure. But, that's not to say, I didn't enjoy it. I did! I like the yarns I selected - I have used Paton's wool on several occasions and have not been disappointed. I did a smaller project with the Tweed, and it's few rows turned out alright. This project was definitely a good learning project for me.

I won't be doing much more "experimenting" with yarns for felting. Even though it is relatively inexpensive yarn, for my excitement, the Paton's is the way to go. It felts so quickly and is easy to get--why take chances? I know I'll get a good result. I haven't tried any of the other wools from the big box store selection - but I think this is my yarn for future felting projects. Guaranteed success. Granted, I haven't tried the lighter colors, but I won't be doing that again!!

Felted FO pics to come when I feel like taking them. It's wet and blocking/drying in the other room with my other laundry from Lazy Monday.

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