Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Felted FO - Mini Clutch

Guess I've become somewhat of a felting nut!
I've already started a 4th bag :) I haven't worked on it much since Monday, but I'm meeting a knitting buddy Thurs. night to do some work, so I'll get some done then.

This is a "mini clutch"
pattern - I obviously modified a bit. I usually prefer knitting in the round...I should have done more tugging while it was drying. It took several days to get dry...I really like it--cute bag.

Yarn Used:
Black - Paton's Classic Merino (I've had terrific luck with this yarn for felting)
Burgundy - Donegal Tweed
Size 10.5 needles (Denise Interchangeables)

It was about 9" tall prefelt. Didn't measure, don't know what it did after...shrunk a lot though :) Good, because it's a mini-tote/clutch! My thought is that I might use it as an evening bag with an outfit I don't own yet for a wedding I'll be going to in early December. I'm think of wearing burgundy/black, something along those I'm ready with a bag.

If I did this again (which is possible) I'd figure out an in-the-round adaption--my stripe didn't line up along the seam (post felt) probably b/c the yarns are so different... anywho... the bag is super cute! That's all that matters to me!
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