Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sat. Market Bag - Is an FO!

The bag IS complete, the picture is not here--but you CAN see it on Jodie's page with her other Sat. Market bags :) (She's "Strings & Yarn - look over there --->) I thought I was behind the times getting it done, but I wasn't, afterall. She mentioned she received 3 pics within a the last few days, so she added them. I actually put mine to use this AM on a dog walk/trip to the library. I tossed in a couple of books bound for the Book Return. It worked fine! It's way long, now that it's stretched out a lot. I knotted the strap to make it the length that was tolerable, as I figured I didn't want it hanging at my ankles (ok, well almost half way down past my knees) it's hard to walk around like that...books banging on your kneecaps...
I digress - more pics and info to come as soon as I get the picture moved to the "big" computer to put on the blog.

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