Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, I've not kept up, but just in case someone (anyone??) stumbles on this blog, I thought I would add a little bit of something to the world today.

I live in the Pacific NW, Seattle eastside suburbia to be precise. I'm nestled in the foothills of some of THE most gorgeous country you've seen. It's truly great, and when it's great, it's spectacular.

So what you haven't heard about, most likely, since the rest of the country is flooded, tornado-prone or hot, is that the Pac NW has had the Longest. Winter. Ever. I mean it. LONG. Yes, Seattle is well-known for its storied "rain" and "grey" times. But this is getting boring. We reside here for the scant few months of sunshine that are well-deserved after months of aforementioned rain and grey.

This weekend is the Solstice, and those folks who are baring all for the parade in Fremont are going to be chilly! We had a great day yesterday, we have been teased with 24 and 48 hour bursts of sunshine and "heat" every so often, enough to hope that it is a turn for the better.

I know I should count my blessings (and I do!) and not complain, but I think it's human to want to see the sun, at least twice a week. Even the die-hard natives are starting to wonder if our winter will ever end. We are accustomed to the rain slowing down through June, and then by July 4th it stops, and the summer arrives. We clearly need for the sun to show itself, or we're going to be in for another extended winter. I'm not a native, and I need my sunshine!

I hope that I do not have to move next year, as I continue to threaten to do, because I think it will prove very challenging to find as beautiful a place to call home. I'm very used to the temperate climate, I don't miss the snow at all, nor the Midwestern heat, so I'm wondering how I will figure it all out!

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