Sunday, November 19, 2006

No new pic's - updating though.

I have finished the mystery gift! DH tried it on, so I hope it will fit the intended reciepient. He'll like it no matter what, I'm sure, so I'm not at all worried. It was a relatively quick knit, I didn't keep track of how long I was working on it, but it was quick.

I've started (FINALLY) on MY project for me! Irish Hiking Scarf - I have 2 sk of Inca Alpaca, so I decided to cast on and get moving. I've been wanting something warm and cabled for my neck. I started last night, and I'm 9 or 10 rows in. Exciting, huh? It's not looking like much yet, but I'm sure it will eventually - I hope I don't mess up :) I've been known to lose my place in patterns when I have to keep track. This will be about the most attentive knitting I've done in quite some time.

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