Saturday, September 02, 2006


Hey All - the FMB is DONE!! WHOO-HOO!!

It's been spun through the wash (once too many...) but that's OK. It is now drying proudly on the mixing bowl, on top of the drying rack. I didn't take any shots pre-felting, because, well, I didn't want to. I was ready to get it in the machine.

Does anyone know (for sure) that I must use laundry detergent (just a dab) when felting. Do you NEED the soap??? It takes forever in my front loader to get it all out in the rinse cycle. (and yes, I use specially formulated "he" Tide...) and I thought I used a "little" bit...several, several rinses later.... anyhow, just my thoughts. FO Pix to come soon...probably by Monday....


gretchen said...

Tide is a high sudser, that's probably why it takes so long to rinse out. I don't know if you NEED the soap, but I'd go with a squirt out of some mild dishsoap. Morehouse Farms recommends Palmolive(!) for washing their yarns.

Anonymous said...

You do need soap. Just a drop or small squirt of any dish soap (hand dish soap not machine) I never use Tide. It's just way to harsh and leaves to much soap residue.

Soap is a surfactant which it means that it allows to water to "break" it's surface tension and enter the fabric. This is a very simplistic description of the "chemestry" that takes effect!


Purple E said...

Thank you for the thoughts!! I do have very mild dishsoap that qualifies. I will try that. I was a bit leary, as I use a front-loader.